Fire Restoration

Fire Damage

Smoke & Soot Damage

Fire Fighting Efforts

From Start to Finish

Fires cause a series of damage events. As the fire burns, smoke and soot start to permeate the area. Once fire fighters arrive, water and chemicals used in fighting the fire cause additional damage.

Pacific Coast Restoration can help restore your home or business to it's original condition. Starting with the damage from the fire, continuing to the smoke & soot, and finishing with the fire fighting efforts. Our experience and modern equipment allow us to get the job done right. We are here to help, from start to finish.


Odor Control

Smoke, chemicals, and absorbed water can cause residual odors long after the fire is gone. We know how to take care of the damage so odors won't linger.


Contents & Possessions

When we say 'From start to finish' we mean it. The restoration isn't done until everything is back to it's original condition. We even store household contents during the reconstruction.



Sometimes the paperwork can feel like it's own disaster. We work closely with your claim adjuster and insurance company to get your repairs done.

We Are Ready to Help

Disasters seem to strike at the worst times. Let us help you get back to normal.