Cleaning, Contents, & Processing

Your Belongings

Storage While Waiting

We're Not Done Yet

The final steps involve cleaning, restoring, & replacing your belongings. Careful inspection guides us on the best course of action. Some items require special cleaning while others cost more to clean than to replace. No matter what, we treat your stuff like our own. We can even store your belongings while repairs and restorations are being performed on your property.


Phase One

We start by creating an inventory as we pack your belongings into boxes. After transporting to our facility we hand inspect each item to determine the proper course of action.


Phase Two

Using ultra sonic techniques to clean smoke and residue we take care of everything practical. Some things may cost more to clean than replace and we help take care of that too.


Phase Three

Once everything is repaired in your home or business we bring everything back. From start to finish, you can count on us to bring back your properties original condition.

From Start to Finish

We bring back the original condition of your property.