Asbestos Abatement

Hazardous Materials

Infestation Damage

More Than Just Asbestos

Here at Pacific Coast Restoration we understand hazardous materials. From asbestos to waste, we can handle it all. Insects? Rodents? Bats, rats, raccoons, & skunks leave behind feces and urine that continue to cause damage, odors, and health concerns. No matter the cause of the infestation, once the critters are cleared we can clean up the damage. When you have a hazardous situation let us help you take care of it quickly and safely.



Odor Control

Odor can come from many sources. Animal infestations are one of these sources. The feces and urine left behind will continue to cause damage and odors.


Health Concerns

Hazardous material is a broad term. Some things that can affect your health are animal feces, mold, asbestos, lead, body fluids, rot, & more. Don't take chances with your health.



Sometimes the paperwork can feel like it's own disaster. We work closely with your claim adjuster and insurance company to get your repairs done.

Got Mold?

We can help with Mold, Fungus, & Rot. Contact us for more details.